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skinnyskinny organics brings the best of Science and Nature to skin and body care.

Benefit from Active Ingredients in Our Plant Based Natural/Organic Skin & Body Care Products

When you buy natural beauty products, how confident can you be that the active ingredients listed on the packaging are fresh enough to deliver the results you crave? We not only source all our organic skin care elements from reputable, trustworthy supplies, we also test each one, to ensure that it meets our stringent standards. If you're looking for natural skincare products that are packed with nourishing active enzymes, anti-oxidants and vitamins, our carefully created choices are the perfect solutions.

Premium Organic Skin Care Products

We aim to provide gentle, effective preparations which are suitable for many different skin types. Whether you're looking for a natural anti-aging skin care selection that will help to keep your face moisturized and sustained, or want to indulge in some tempting bath soaks for the ultimate relaxation experience, our collection of the best in organic skin and body care will meet your needs. Breathe deep and relax: our entire line is scented with pure essential oils (90+% of which are certified organic). This means that many of our superb products are also aromatherapeutic.

All Natural Beauty Products without the Nasties

It's not just what's in our merchandise that sets it apart from the rest, it's also what's not in it which adds appeal. All our items are free from parabens, synthetics, sulfates and artificial perfumes. Our aim is to provide you with organic beauty products which showcase the very best of what nature can offer. We pride ourselves on an honest, transparent and ethical customer experience, allowing everybody the opportunity to enjoy the power of plants in transforming their beauty and skincare regimes.

Committed to Giving Our Customers More

Our wide range of products include organic soaps, dry shampoo, bath soaks, candles, and a complete line of skin care products for both women and men. Additionally, our entire line is vegan and cruelty-free and we are always happy to give you further information about the ingredients in our products, if desired. To find out more about what we've got available or to place an order, call us now at (718) 366-2201. We’d love to hear from you.

Owner/founder, skinnyskinny

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