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About Us

Performance-based Organic Body and Skin Care

Our Mission: Formulating and creating performance-based organic body and skin care products that support a beautiful, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

More than a decade ago, Clara Williams, owner and founder of skinnyskinny, started experimenting with her own homemade skin care recipes while she was making a gift for her mom, who could no longer find her favorite soap back home in Tennessee. This led Clara to soap making. 

Clara’s first soap experiments turned out so well (actually the recipe lives on in skinnyskinny’s current Lavender and Eucalyptus Organic Bar Soap) and the feedback from friends and family was so positive that Clara knew that she was onto something unique and incredibly different from soaps normally found in stores. 

Much like her mom, Clara had trouble finding the right products for her skin. “I had all these products that were supposed to work and help my skin but nothing ever worked. It was frustrating and expensive.” 

Clara’s artistic and academic background made her a natural at creating products that were both beautifully crafted and incredibly effective: “I fell completely in love with the whole process of combining chemistry with craft; equal parts science and art.” 

The more she learned about the creation of beauty products the more she became aware of the harsh effects of chemically-laden products on the market: the effects on your skin, on the environment, and even to the farm and factory workers. Growing up on a farm she had become attuned to nature and to our personal impact on the world. She developed an interest in healthy lifestyle choices at an early age, becoming a vegetarian at the age of 14. In her new endeavor to create superb performance-based cruelty-free products, the use of high-quality organic ingredients and adhering to eco-friendly practices was the only honest option. 

Formulated to have only essential high-quality ingredients, with each ingredient serving a particular function in healing, soothing, cleaning or restoring skin to healthiest and most radiant, Clara created an organic product line, skinny of all filler ingredients. Her skinnyskin care line from NY was born: skinnyskinny. skinnyskinny has become a highly respected name in the organic and eco-friendly communities with an expansive product line of body and home goods, sold nationally and internationally. 

skinnyskinny Products

Our products are simple where they need to be simple. They are good for you and good for the world we live in. This is the promise we make with every skinnyskinny product. 

• No synthetics 
• No sulfates 
• No artificial preservatives 
• Vegan (except the beeswax lip balm
• Cruelty-Free 
• Scented naturally with Organic Essential Oils and Botanicals 
• Eco-friendly packaging
• Ethically produced and distributed 

Our Packaging

For each product, skinnyskinny extensively researches all ingredients as well as any materials used for packaging. The packaging is not secondary, but plays a crucial part in the overall experience of the product. It is of the utmost importance that our packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable, and still presents each product with beauty and style. 

All containers and labels used by skinnyskinny are recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable. 

skinnyskinny- The Company

Every company has a choice of either making things better or choosing to operate in a short-sighted manner. skinnyskinny has made the commitment to do all that is within our power to make our impact on the world a positive one. 

Throughout the years skinnyskinny’s success is a result of our great loyal customers. skinnyskinny has grown without mass-advertising, relying almost exclusively on word of mouth. When choosing skinnyskinny, our customers choose a company that is devoted to creating high-quality organic products as well as maintaining long-term customer satisfaction.                         

Environmental Commitments

skinnyskinny is devoted to supporting the beauty of our natural world, while creating something beautiful to contribute to the lives of others. While using certified organic botanicals and oils to create luxurious and unique products, skinnyskinny works to minimize all harm to our planet by being a sustainable and environmentally conscious company. 

· Eco-Friendly Packaging and Labeling 
· Purchase 100% Wind-Power for Manufacturing and Retail Facilities 
· Carbon-Neutral Shipping 
· Organic Ingredients 
· Biodegradable Products 
· Cruelty-Free 

For even more information about us, please email info@skinnyskinny.com 

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