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Organic Body Scrubs

These all-natural Organic Body Scrubs (plus our superb Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub) help to polish and buff your skin back to its most radiant. Dead skin cells can build-up on the surface, which will leave skin looking dull and a bit lifeless. Exfoliating with these gentle and effective organic scrubs helps to bring new healthy skin cells to the surface. Each scrub is made with an extraordinary list of the best organic ingredients (freshly ground Fair Trade Coffee beans. Organic Coconut Flakes. Turbinado Sugar), including Virgin Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil so skin is soft without ever feeling greasy. We use organic essential oils, too, so you won't be rubbing synthetic perfumes, parabens, or sulfates into your skin. We use Turbinado sugar, which means that these fantastic scrubs are 100% Vegan. 

  • skinnyskinny organic rosemary mint body scrub in a  8 oz plastic jar
    Rosemary and Mint Organic Foot Scrub
  • skinnyskinny organic coconut ginger and lime body scrub in a  8 oz plastic jar
    Coconut Ginger and Lime Organic Body Scrub
  • skinnyskinny organic clementine and clove body scrub in a  8 oz plastic jar
    Clementine and Clove Organic Body Scrub
  • skinnyskinny organic black coffee body scrub in a  6 oz plastic jar
    Black Coffee Organic Body Scrub
  • skinnyskinny basil mint body scrub in a  8 oz plastic jar
    Basil and Mint Organic Body Scrub
  • Five Product Sample Kit
    Five Product Sample Kit
  • skinnyskinny organic sample kit
    Three Product Sample Kit

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