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Goodbye Summer, Hello Dry Winter Skin. Not.

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Take that last minute run to the beach, grab some cocktails on a rooftop bar, and check out one of the last outdoor concerts of the season. With winter weather (and skin) on its way, you might be on the look out for a thick cream to protect and nourish the sensitive skin on your face. We want to give you another, and in our opinion better, option. So before you throw your money at a face cream that promises the world, and runs out before October, just hear us out.

By now you should know how important the quality of ingredients are to us. Turn around your lotion or cream and check out that fine print. Remember, whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed into the blood stream. Here are some of the top red flags that you should avoid at all costs:

Parabens (propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben)

“Paraben Free” can be seen printed on products from body wash to shampoo, whether they are organic or not. So what’s the deal? Why is everyone distancing themselves from this once very widely used chemical compound?

Ever put on lotion and had itchy skin a few minutes after?Beyond just irritating skin by drying and triggering allergic reactions, parabens can accumulate in the liver, breasts, and fatty tissues. It’s never a good idea to have unwanted chemicals accumulate in the body, but especially one that has been linked to cancer in a number of studies.

Alcohols and Mineral Oils

Both of these ingredients have some pretty long term drying effects on your skin. Alcohol is of course an obvious one, but mineral oils are a little trickier. It will give your skin the immediate appearance of being moisturized, however this is only because of an oily top layer, once it has fully soaked in mineral oil actually pulls moisture from your skin.


Another skin drier, and also potential carcinogen, it makes you wonder how we have all been using products with these ingredients for so long. Petroleum based moisturizers can’t absorb completely meaning that much like mineral oil you’ll have a greasy layer on top of your skin that will make you look great, but only for as long as you are covered because the skin underneath is still dry.That means constant reapplication, no thanks.


This heavy metal will also accumulate in your body, and is as you have probably already guessed- a carcinogen. So while you’re slathering lotion onto your face, your poor liver is getting hit by a metal that does not easily leave the body.

Did you notice a trend here? Beyond a whole lot of nasty carcinogenic chemicals that enter your blood stream each time you rub it in, these ingredients are drying! And these are only the ingredients that are released, because of something known as trade secrets, companies can keep even worse chemicals completely under wraps without having to worry about regulation or the customers' health.

If you’re tired of feeling like you have to keep reapplying your moisturizer, and you don’t understand what’s wrong with your skin—“It’s always dry/red/itchy!” Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s your products.

That’s what pushed us to perfect our new Organic Daily Moisture. Often times even brands that claim to be "natural" will throw in strange preservatives that made us finally say enough is enough, there has to be a better option. With only 6 ingredients, all of which are organic, this oil based moisturizer is about as to the point as it gets. No fillers or strange chemicals here, it gives your skin exactly what it needs to be healthy and balanced without any unwanted side effects like breakouts or irritation.

If you're worried about greasiness or oiliness, this moisturizer will actually penetrate the skin with naturally nourishing ingredients. With the power of Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Peach Kernel Oil, your skin won't just look healthy, it will actually be healthy.

Trust us, it’s an amazing feeling to realize that you don’t need to moisturize everyday, because your skin will begin to retain moisture. Here at skinnyskinny organics, it's important to us that we love our products just as much as you do. Drop the filler and bring on the winter weather, not skin.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @skinnyskinny_organics and like us on Facebook for more organic, vegan, cruelty-free beauty with a conscious!

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