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Become a skinnyskinny organics Macgyver

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Did you know that some of your favorite skinnyskinny organics products have more than one usage? Yes, the dry shampoo keeps your hair looking great, but what else can it do? We want you to have the insider tips and tricks on how to become a skinnyskinny organics Macgyver, or at least have another reason to love some of your favorite products. Coming straight from our own staff, and confirmed by visitors to our Brooklyn storefront, here are 4 products you could be getting a lot more use out of.

Organic Dry Shampoo

Original: Your hair's best friend, and our top selling product. We're willing to bet that you all know the basics- whether you're running late, want to sleep in, or just have a serious case of flat lifeless hair, the skinnyskinny organics dry shampoos are a must have. Fresh, clean hair in a matter of minutes with no need for extra styling or products. What more could you ask for?

It turns out there is more...

Alternate: Deodorant! Think about it, the dry shampoos do such a good job soaking up extra oils and sweat from your scalp, isn’t that exactly what you want in a deodorant? Now we're not saying to grab your Grapefruit and Cardamom Travel Size dry shampoo and sign up for a marathon, but in a pinch, this hair care favorite can help soak up extra moisture and even has a nice subtle scent.

Imagine: you go out in the morning, get your coffee, run some errands, and on your way to meet up with friends you go to a restroom to check your hair, when you think: “what’s that smell?” It’s you! You have two different lipsticks, a banana, a book, and your skinnyskinny organics travel size dry shampoo in your bag, but you forgot deodorant! Don’t be stinky. Be smart.

The biggest challenge here is of course the powder form that the dry shampoos come in, and not making a huge mess. Our solution is to tap out a little bit on a piece of tissue and then pat it onto your armpits. If you use a small enough amount, you can actually use the dry shampoos to soak up any extra sweat without looking like you just ate a dozen powdered donuts. You’re welcome.

Organic Body Oil

Original: These made even the most avid lotion users among us turn to oils. Incredibly nourishing, the body oils are light and absorb quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth with nothing more than nutritious restorative plant oils. Plus the scents are pretty great too.

If you’re like us you might have thought, “What else can I put this magical oil on?”

Alternate: Deep conditioning hair treatment! So this one is pretty obvious, but there are two different ways to go about this. The quick and easy way is to pick out your favorite scent, any of them will work, and put a very small amount on your hands and rub it between your palms to warm the oil a little bit, then just work the oil through the ends of your hair. If you bleach your hair, or have any other damage, it will quickly soak up the oil and look shiny and healthy.

For a longer lasting effect, or if you just feel like treating yourself to a little spa day, follow the steps below:

-Pour a small amount of the oil in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds (just until it is warm to the touch)

-Use your fingers to apply the warm oil to your hair. Start at the ends and work your way up, but avoid going closer than an inch or so from your scalp.

-Once you’re covered, use a comb to distribute it evenly, and then put on a shower cap, or some other wrap that you don’t mind getting oily.

-Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash your hair normally and let it air dry.

*Optional: you can add extra heat if you want, either with a blow dryer or by wrapping a towel fresh from the dryer around the shower cap.

There really is no wrong way to go about using organic oils to condition your strands (unless of course you just dump a bunch on top of your head) so have fun, and get the healthy hair you’ve always dreamed of!

Organic Anti-Acne Treatment

Original: This highly effective treatment is one of the new additions to our skin care line, and it’s already a staff favorite. Whether you’re a long time acne sufferer, or just get the occasional blemish, we can’t stress enough how well this treatment works. If you’ve tried everything else and it didn’t work, try this. We like to think of it as clear skin in a bottle, without all of that irritation, dryness, and dangerous chemicals.

Clearly we’re in love, but what else can this treatment do?

Alternate: After-shave! With so many naturally anti-bacterial ingredients, it’s no wonder this oil works to keep bumps and irritation away. This is great if you’re prone to getting razor bumps, in grown hairs, or just general irritation from shaving. After shaving, just put a little on your hand and really rub it into areas where irritation tend to occur. It’s that easy.

Aromatherapeutic Organic Room Spray

Original: Make any room smell clean with these room sprays that not only put out an amazing scent, but also have aromatherapeutic benefits. This new addition to our line has already become a customer favorite. We spray these in our Brooklyn storefront, and we would say about 95% of the people coming in say something about how unbelievably good it smells. They really are that good.

So just leave one in the bathroom, and call it a day, right? Nope.

Alternate: Personal scent! We actually discovered this one because we were so in love with the new Cedar and Cypress scent that we wanted to keep smelling it all day. There are 3 different scents to choose from. Cedar and Cypress is earthy and woodsy, but still fresh and crisp. Bergamot and Coriander is the perfect combination of sweet and herby, and will remind you of sunny summer days. Last is a familiar scent, 268 our signature blend that you really have to smell to believe. Tips on how to use it: Spray it everywhere all the time. Or at least that’s what we do.

Now go off and enjoy your skinnyskinny organics products for their original and alternate uses! Let us know if you have other tips or tricks for body, skin care, or hair products.

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