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Introducing League an All New Organic Men's Grooming Line...



League: (noun, \lēg\) A covenant or compact made between persons, parties, states, etc., for the promotion or maintenance of common interests or for mutual assistance or service.

Not just another men's skin care line, League was created for the discerning connoisseur who values quality, social consciousness and products that effectively address each of his grooming needs. Formulated by an esthetician and certified aromatherapist, the entire line is made with powerful certified organic ingredients and active botanicals to soothe irritation, combat dryness and heal breakouts and razor burn on even the most sensitive skin.

League is entirely free of parabens, synthetics, sulfates, and perfumes. The result is an incredibly effective range of products that treat men's skin with the respect and care it deserves.

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Mid-Week Pick-me-up courtesy of skinnyskinny!

With the dreary skies in Brooklyn today, we're starting to feel the mid-week blues. That's why we thought there's no better time for us to treat you to some summer fun with 25% off of EVERYTHING! Just enter coupon code summerFUN25 at checkout. The sale is from today (7/15) to Friday (7/17) at midnight. Sale [...]

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Glow All Summer Long with this DIY Mask

Cucumber Aloe Parsley Face MaskThis is an amazingly refreshing face mask that is great for the summer and for those times when we overdo our sun exposure. This works beautifully for all skin types and is especially effective for Pitta (fire element skin types- those with reddish undertones or those prone to breakouts and [...]

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Mother's Day with skinnyskinny

Whether you're shopping for your mom, mother-in-law, your friend who is a mother, your wife, or just treating yourself- this Mother's Day Gift Guide has some top-picks that are sure to please them all! Click the links below to purchase or read reviews...Buy here:m/a Organic Skin SerumVetiver & Bitter Orange Soy CandleLavender Peppermint Tea Tree [...]

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Happy Earth Day! If you missed our last few Earth Day Posts, here are some helpful links to get you caught up:Day One- Take one of these Ecological Footprint Quizzes to get started!Day Two- Plastic! What's the big deal, and how can you (very easily) make a difference?Day Three- It's time to make a pledge! [...]

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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

The addiction to plastic is very real! Let's face it, whether your footprint is small or you're using enough resources for a small town, plastic is everywhere. Bottles, clothes, electronics, bags, we use plastic for everything! So what's the big deal?What makes plastic different from materials like wood or paper is that plastic is not [...]

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It's time to get Green!

Earth Day is right around the corner, and for us here at skinnyskinny that's like Halloween, Christmas, and 4th of July all wrapped up into one. While we believe that every day should be earth day, we also love that there's one day set aside to getting serious about the planet. For the next few [...]

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Ask Clara 1: Breakouts, dry skin, and aging! Oh my!

It turns out you had a lot questions that needed to be answered! We're featuring two of the most popular ones here, and will be doing separate posts to address all of the DIY, and other skinnyskinny related questions.For those of you who missed our last post, our founder and owner Clara is taking questions [...]

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