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skinnyskinny organics Staff Feature: Clara!

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We have, in our opinion, the best staff you could find anywhere. From fashionistas to farmers and everything in between, our skinnyskinny organics family is made up of some of the coolest people you'd ever want to meet. That's why every couple of weeks we are going to be featuring a different staff member with a picture and the same series of 4 questions.  

Who better to start with than the woman behind it all, Clara! As a skincare expert, artist, vegan, and certified aromatherapist there isn't much that Clara can't do. A great business with a good conscious, and amazing products don't just happen on their own- Clara is the driving force behind all of it. Today, which happens to be Clara's birthday (good luck guessing how old she is), we would like to thank her for everything she does for skinnyskinny organics and us, the staff. 

Without further ado, here's Clara:

We'll start with a tough one: What skinnyskinny organics product could you not live without? (Yes, you can only pick one.)

The one skinnyskinny product that I can't live without is The Cleanser. I use it twice a day. It's perfect for me.

If you were a plant, what would you be?

Well, if I were a plant, I think that I would be something very low-maintenance like a succulent, but Melissa seems to think that I would be an Aralia Fabian or a Euphorbia. Those are very different plants... 

Don't worry, you'll meet Melissa later.

Let's say I were to give you a $100 bill and you had to spend it somewhere within 5 blocks of the skinnyskinny organics Brooklyn storefront, where would you go, what would you do?
I would go to either Caracas Arepa Bar or Rye. Both of them are delicious. If I wasn't hungry, I'd go to Joinery.

Last one: What does "green beauty" mean to you?

Green Beauty means so much to me. It is my passion, of course. I love formulating amazing products that are made from truly fantastic ingredients. I love that my company proves that natural and organic works just as well (and in many cases, better) as conventional products. I make and use all of these products and I can feel absolutely confident that I'm not applying toxins and chemicals to my skin. That's beautiful to me.

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