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It's time to get Green!

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Earth Day is right around the corner, and for us here at skinnyskinny that's like Halloween, Christmas, and 4th of July all wrapped up into one. While we believe that every day should be earth day, we also love that there's one day set aside to getting serious about the planet. For the next few days leading up to Earth Day, Wednesday April 22, we will be taking a look at our own practices, and finding ways that we (and you) can be more green! The best part is that there are so many easy ways to be less wasteful, and to lessen our footprint. 

We're trying to get the word out that there's so much more to "Green Beauty" then just having natural and organic ingredients! Companies should be held responsible for there impact, and that's why we're opening our doors, and talking openly about environmental impact and what you can do on a regular basis to save our planet. After all, we only have one! 

Join us on this journey to get more green! The first step is taking one of these quizzes to calculate your footprint:  Ecological Footprint Quiz, a helpful resource from the Earth Day Network. Footprint Calculator from the WWF. Carbon Footprint Calculator from the EPA.

Take the quiz and come back tomorrow for more on how to lessen your footprint and to learn more about skinnyskinny's environmental commitments. You're also going to want to keep an eye out for a sale coming up tomorrow!

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